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GorillaTrades has provided professional insight and expertise into the stock market for 15 years. In celebration of their anniversary, they are expanding their impact by supporting conservation of gorillas in Africa, which are the inspiration for their mascot.

GorillaTrades is based upon the discovery of a unique breed of stocks that flash a unique set of technical signals before surging into a new trading range. The GorillaTrades stock scanning datacenter not only identifies these ideal investing opportunities again and again, but it also calibrates recommended investing guidelines based upon each stock’s trading characteristics. This means GorillaTrades’ clients know just where to set stop loss levels, when they should harvest gains, and even when to re-invest more for continued growth.


 I absolutely love your service. I don't know how you do it, but I am very, very happy that I found you, and I can't thank you enough for helping me to realize my dream of achieving a supplemental income to my pension, which would not be enough for me to live on without the extra money I make by trading. I have tried many services, but no one--absolutely no one--can match your record of winning trades. Now yours is the only service I use and trust, and will ever need. Thank you, thank you for your near-perfect, consistent service! Since I intend to use your service for the rest of my life, I have to admit I sometimes worry that you might decide to retire. I do hope you plan to put that day quite far off into the future. I remain one very satisfied customer. 

        Michelle Reading        Michele Readinger, PA  
A GorillaTrades subscriber for
almost 5 years.




GorillaTrades enables its clients to invest like a professional and let their portfolio thrive. GorillaTrades solves the problems of identifying the right stocks to invest in and getting an unbiased, insider’s edge on the stock market – in terms anyone can understand.

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