Donate to Help Equip Patrols That Protect Gorillas

Your help will allow us to remain vigilant in our daily patrols to protect the mountain gorillas our founder Dian Fossey studied and to monitor six groups of Grauer's gorillas in Congo.

One of ten Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International patrols that monitor mountain gorillas in RwandaUnfortunately the patrols Dian Fossey started approximately 45 years ago in Rwanda are still necessary to discourage illegal use of the park and protect mountain gorillas.

The cold, wet climate and dense rainforest wears out clothes and equipment quickly, and volcanic roads create very high transportation costs. Donations will be used to provide our Rwandan and Congolese patrols with equipment, uniforms, supplies, tires and fuel. For instance:

$11 will provide a water bottle
$21 will provide one week of food rations for one patrol member
$45 will provide a backpack
$85 will provide a sleeping bag
$125 will provide gum boots for one patrol
$270 will provide backpacks for one patrol
$482 will provide one radio
$580 will provide operation of 2 canoes in Congo for one year
$800 will provide cooking and eating pans, plates & utensils for year
$1,920 will provide mattresses and tents for one patrol
$3,300 will provide GPS batteries for an entire year
$6,000 will provide fuel & maintenance for 4 motorcycles in Congo for one year
$7,650 will provide rain jackets for all patrol members


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