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With your support, we can rebuild our anti-poaching camp and protect gorillas ranging in new areas

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We must rebuild one of our anti-poaching camps after a December 2, 2012 attack by FDLR rebels destroyed our water tank, solar panels, shelter roof and tents, as well as provide support to the family of anti-poaching patrol member, Esdras Nsengiyumva, who was killed. We are determined to rebuild the camp and continue with our important work protecting the mountain gorillas, no matter what obstacles we may face.

This year, two of the 10 mountain gorilla groups we protect began ranging into parts of the park far away from our base camps, making it very difficult for our staff to monitor and protect them. These areas are heavy with snares, and as a result three infants died before we could reach them. We must determine and implement systems to better protect these areas to prevent such devastating losses, but need help to fund the necessary changes.

Mountain gorilla groups are leaving the confines of Volcanoes National Park, destroying eucalyptus crops and unknowingly exposing themselves to both disease and injury. During three bamboo seasons, we have been forced to increase our staffing by almost 50 percent to protect the gorillas day and night and to attempt to herd them into the park. We expect this situation to continue until the Rwandan government, the Fossey Fund and other conservation groups determine appropriate solutions. The video at the left shows how bold the gorillas have become.

Please donate TODAY to help us offset the extra expenses of these dangers and support all our gorilla research and protection efforts.

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Gorillas Face New Dangers

Mountain gorillas are in dangerous situations that require extraordinary protection.

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