New Dangers to Mountain Gorillas: Gorillas Out of the Park

With your support, we can rebuild our anti-poaching camp and protect gorillas ranging in new areas

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Mountain Gorillas Destroy Crops

0:22 – Silverback Rano climbs down the buffalo wall that separates the protected park from cultivated farmland.

0:40 – Rano and his group eat tasty bamboo shoots.

1:10 – The gorillas roam the fields, which exposes them to disease and parasites from human and livestock defecation.

1:35 – As villagers watch, the gorillas eat the bark from cultivated eucalyptus trees.

2:45 – More villagers gather to watch the gorillas destroy their crops.

3:15 – A tracker says the gorillas went too far outside the park and a decision was made to push them back inside.

3:35 – Trackers herd the gorillas back across the park boundary.

This is not the only new danger mountain gorillas are facing. See three challenges we need your help right away to combat.

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