Founded by Dian Fossey in 1978

We are dedicated to gorilla conservation through daily protection, anti-poaching, research, education and helping communities.

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We never leave

Protecting and studying gorillas for more than 45 years, even during the most difficult times, is what it takes to save a species.

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We are all one

A healthy ecosystem benefits everyone. Our health, education and economic programs improve the chances of gorillas surviving.

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Preserving critical forests

We are helping to create a vast rainforest wildlife corridor in eastern Congo, home to both mountain and Grauer's gorillas.

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Saving gorillas

Fewer than 900 mountain gorillas remain. Their habitats are severely threatened. We are on the ground every day protecting them.

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Why Gorillas Matter

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Ensure that our patrols are in the forest EVERY DAY to protect gorillas.

Sigourney Weaver, Honorary Chair

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Fossey and Gorilla News

  • The orphan gorillas at the GRACE center will soon have much more space for learning to survive in the wild, as the "Freedom Fence" nears completion.
  • Kuryama's gorilla group, one of the longest-observed, has not been seen since April, which is worrisome because of the risks from poachers and disease.
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Get a gorilla bio, photo and adoption certificate when you “Adopt” a gorilla and help support our daily protection of the gorillas. Sponsor for yourself or give as a unique gift! "Green" option available.

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100% of the Fossey Fund's budget is dedicated to programs that save gorillas. Help keep anti-poaching teams in the field, care for rescued gorillas, protect from diseases & more.

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Support Gorillas with unique crafts from Africa, Fossey Fund T-shirts, gorilla DVDs, plush gorillas, posters, books and more at our Gorilla eStore and through our affiliates. New items added recently.

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Fossey Fund Staff members lead Gorilla Expedition trips to Rwanda. You can see the mountain gorillas, get an exclusive tour of the Fossey Fund's Karisoke Research Center, meet our scientists, and much more.

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