Use Your Products to Promote Gorilla Conservation

Your product can promote gorilla conservation and protection by including the Fossey Fund in your advertising or donating a portion of sales. 

For companies that agree to donate a portion of sales to support the Fossey Fund, we will customize a benefits package that could include:

  • a "Helping people. Saving gorillas.™" seal to use on packaging and advertising
  • opportunities to promote products and services to our donors and event attendees or in our advertising
  • marketing support such as stories for newsletters, speakers, gorilla-themed giveaways, exposure in Fossey Fund newsletters and website and more.
  • customized, online adoption branded with your company logo, accessible only by your customers
  • more

Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International donors are extremely loyal to the Fund and are likely to become loyal customers of brands that donate a portion of sales to our work. 

To discuss a potential mutually beneficial relationship, contact us at

If you want to use your access to the public to raise money to help people and save gorillas, also explore our partnership program.

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