Fossey Fund Partners’ Promotions

Individuals, companies and groups around the world are helping the Fossey Fund save gorillas through a variety of projects and promotions. Click on the name of the partner to see more details and learn about how you can participate. In addition, we encourage you to support our sponsors, click here to see a list. Sponsors commit significant funding to the Fossey Fund.

-Build Rwanda -Queen of the Jungle - Madeline Monlux
-Cosmoproject -Radicool Kids
-Gorilla Offroad Company -Recycled Ideas
-Gorillatee -Tattoo Learning Center
-Gorilly Goods -Thanksgiving Coffee
-Indy Plush -Wild Kingdom Tea
-Maine Beer -Zoo Atlanta EcoCell Phone Recycling


    Build Rwanda

Build Rwanda was established in Scotland to support survivors of the 1994 Genocide. Build Rwanda is committed to furthering the economic and educational development of Rwanda. To achieve this we are investing in the creation of worker cooperatives that will produce traditional and innovative products, using original material and skills. We also look to source products responsibly produced around the world. With the creation of our new organic gorilla soaps, we are proud to donate 10% of our profits from their sales to The Dian Fossey International Gorilla Fund.

  Cosmoproject, S.r.l

Cosmoproject is a cosmetics company in Mezzani, Italy. They have been supporters of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International since 2005 when they began sending a portion of their sales to help fund gorilla and habitat protection.

  Gorilla Offroad Company

Gorilla Offroad Company specializes in the design, fabrication, and production of the strongest, most intelligent off-road and rally products for a variety Subaru vehicles. All of our products are made from the strongest materials and built to endure the harsh off-road and rally environments. We are known for producing rugged and durable products that are intelligently designed to offer both form and function unprecedented in the Subaru Community. Only the best materials, the strongest materials, and the best methodologies of fabrication and production are used. We cater to the community needs and demands and deliver every time. In addition to financial contributions, Gorilla Offroad supplied mudflats to the Fossey Fund vehicles in Africa.


Crafting the most durable, high quality, bamboo & organic cotton apparel. Built on the cornerstones of saving gorillas and minimizing our carbon footprint. We are a brand truly different from any other, a brand meant to instill belief in something more, in being more, and knowing that the ability to accomplish everything your heart desires is within you. It’s a symbol, and those who wear it know they are capable of anything and are proud to present the best possible version of themselves to the world. Gorilla Tee is contributing a portion of their proceeds to the Fossey Fund.

  Gorilly Goods - Clean + Energy + Evolution

We’ve been discovering who we are all of our lives. Living life to the fullest and unveiling all that is good in the world. We need to nourish ourselves through the journey and healthy nutrition helps us provide our best, improving each step of our way. Gorilly Goods is here to help. In an ever-evolving life, we provide a clean, mindful snack. Our products are dried at low temps, made with organic, gluten-free, vegan, fair trade ingredients, and made in small batches by hand. We feel our high quality snacks are the perfect companion for your daily adventures. There are no shortcuts. There is no magic pill. There is only good food. Gorilly Goods donates 2% of their profits to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.

  Indy Plush

Our luxury plush toys are handcrafted with materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Each piece is filled with material made from 100% recycled water bottles and are designed, sourced and created entirely in the USA. Organic Tee Shirts are screen printed by hand with water or soy-based inks. Inspired by children, our designs and products are made with the intent to please, educate and entertain. Indy Plush proudly donates 20% of all profits from the sales of our Endangered Species Gorilla items to the Fossey Fund. Indy Plush...saving the world one doll at a time.

  Maine Beer

At Maine Beer Company making good beer and doing what's right always come first. Everything else second.
Pretty simple.

  Queen of the Jungle - Madeline Monlux

Madeline Monlux, 15, of Portland, OR aspires to follow in the footsteps of Dian Fossey by becoming a Primatologist and working to conserve Mountain Gorillas. In 2013, Madeline created "Queen of the Jungle", a not for profit pageant benefiting the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. In it's inception year, over $5000 was raised for the Fossey Fund. In 2014, Madeline was honored to be crowned National All-American Miss Jr. Teen through the National American Miss Pageant system. During her reign, Madeline plans to raise awareness of mountain gorilla conservation as well as inspiring other youth to make a difference by getting involved in a cause they are passionate about.

  Radicool Kids NZ Ltd

Owners and designers Emily and Brendan Boniface are a one of a kind husband and wife team, who after having their son River became inspired to create this clothing brand RADICOOL DUDE.
New Zealand owned, operated and designed Radicool Dude makes its own rules and sets its own trends, so jump on board or get left behind...
We are adventurers, who love to travel, experience different cultures and visit amazing destinations. We both have an intimate connection with nature and it's natural wildlife and are keen advocates for animal welfare and our ecosystem. We raise our family to understand that all life on our beautiful planet matters. We believe that through the power of positive thinking any dream is possible and with years of experience working in the fashion industry and with a new found passion for designing kids apparel we wanted to create a brand that draws influences from a unique mix of surf, skate and street cultures. Radicool Dude will always and forever provide quality, fun filled fashion each season, that is super stylie, comfy and affordable. This brand is not for the faint hearted. Beware your child will stand out from the crowd!! Peace, love and radicool dude!

  Recycled Ideas

Recycled Ideas is a wife and husband team of papermakers who really love gorillas.
We make the paper by hand in a labor-intensive process invented in China thousands of years ago. We've been making paper for 17 years, adding seeds to the pulp so that the paper can be planted to grow. We prefer native plants and garden flowers that do not spread wild and take over places they are not welcome. We love to garden, to grow, and to create — it is the heart and soul of what we do.
Our plantable paper is used in some of the most important events in people's lives — weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and memorials. Proceeds from purchases through our etsy site help us to make charitable contributions every year to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, and we donate 100% of the proceeds of all plantable gorilla sales to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.

  The Tattoo Learning Center

The Tattoo Learning Center formerly Tattoos by Lisa is located in Altamont, NY. Their association and support of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International began in 2007 with a gorilla adoption.  The company has increased its support over the years and recently auctioned a tattoo school special on EBAY. The total proceeds from the auction were given directly to the Fossey Fund.

  Thanksgiving Coffee

Thanksgiving Coffee Company is committed to long-term economic development in Rwanda as a solution to overcoming poverty, an underlying root cause of two of the biggest threats to the endangered mountain gorillas, illegal poaching and logging.

25% of each purchase of Gorilla Fund coffee goes to the Fossey Fund. Since 2004, Thanksgiving Coffee Company has been working with the Dukunde Kawa Coffee Cooperative in Rwanda and the Fossey Fund supporting initiatives to strengthen community development. Together we are protecting the last remaining mountain gorillas, supporting the people of Rwanda, and drinking great coffee.
Click here to learn more
Click here to buy coffee

  Wild Kingdom Tea

Sondhi Trading Limited (STL) is a family concern based in Mombasa, Kenya exporting coffee and specialty tea and believes It is the collective responsibility of all humanity to protect the environment and safeguard the planet’s wildlife for future generations.

The Sondhi Charitable Trust awards scholarships for university and poly technical education to Kenyan students studying in Kenya and abroad. Building on its ongoing charitable work, the Sondhi family donates a percentage of the profits of its brand, Wild Kingdom Tea, to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, as well as other organizations dedicated to promoting wildlife preservation.

  Zoo Atlanta EcoCell Phone Recycling

Recycle your old cell phones for gorilla conservation! Zoo Atlanta and The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International are working together with Eco-cell to recycle cell phones, help the environment and raise money for gorilla conservation.

For each cell phone received, a donation will be made to The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International! For more information about this program, visit the Zoo Atlanta web site.


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