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Read the latest news about gorillas in Africa, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund events, and saving endangered gorillas in Rwanda and Congo.  Our staff in the field report regularly on what’s happening with the gorillas we protect, and give updates on our people programs.

Fossey Fund News
Monitoring gorilla group disruption

Lone silverback MizeroLast week, one of the mountain gorilla groups the Fossey Fund monitors (called Ntambara’s group) had an intense interaction with a lone silverback. This led to a complex series of events, which is still continuing and is being monitored closely by our staff.

Inside the mountain gorilla census

Census team including Karisoke’s Jean Damascene (far left) and Gudula (middle)With eight of the Fossey Fund’s staff from our Karisoke Research Center involved in the first sweep of the mountain gorilla census in the Virunga mountains, we have an insider look at what it’s like searching for gorilla tracks and collecting important information.

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