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Read the latest news about gorillas in Africa, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund events, and saving endangered gorillas in Rwanda and Congo.  Our staff in the field report regularly on what’s happening with the gorillas we protect, and give updates on our people programs.

Fossey Fund News
Monitoring the newest gorilla group: Iyambere's group

Young silverback IyambereThe Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund staff have observed that groups can form and develop in a variety of ways. Iyambere is a young silverback, at just 14 years old, and also earns credit for being among the youngest to establish a group.

Learning more about bamboo, a key gorilla food

Mountain gorilla Indamutso eats bambooAlthough the gorillas consume up to 200 plant species, bamboo is a key food and very important for a number of reasons. The Fossey Fund’s long-term bamboo phenology studies, document the relationship between the bamboo shoots and gorillas’ distribution and more.

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