Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about gorilla conservation and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International’s work. If your question is not answered here, email us at or call 800-851-0203.

Q: Are the mountain gorillas endangered because there are too many people in Rwanda?

A. While it’s true that Rwanda, where most of the mountain gorillas we protect live, is one of the most heavily populated areas in Africa, we feel that poverty and lack of access to clean water and food are the root problems that cause some people to turn to the forest as a resource for their family’s survival. Our programs address those needs. Although poaching is still a problem, it is also true that local people are learning that gorilla conservation is in their interest. Support from the Rwandan government and communities near the park have allowed controlled gorilla tourism to provide revenue that is shared with the communities, among other economic advantages. People are taking pride in the gorillas as their heritage. People in the Congo who are aware of the successes in Rwanda have created their own gorilla reserves, which have attracted funding for their own health, education and development projects. We believe that when people thrive, gorillas thrive.

Q. How can I put the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International in my will? 

A. Include our full name (including the word “International”) and address in your list of beneficiaries. It’s good to cite our Tax ID # as well (52-1118866).

Q. Is there one gorilla conservation program that needs my money more than others? 

A.  We would prefer that gifts be unrestricted so that we may use them where the funds are needed most. Emergencies sometimes occur, so if we have unrestricted funds we can channel help to that program.

Q. Can I adopt more than one gorilla? 

A. We have only one gorilla (or mother/infant pair) in each category in a given year – infant, mother & infant pair, silverback, and gorilla group. You may adopt as many of those as you wish. Each year the gorillas featured change, so adopt every year to support more gorillas.

Q. Does the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International have branches in other cities or countries? 

A. The headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia, our only office in the U.S.  Currently there are three other offices in Kigali, Rwanda; Musanze (formerly Ruhengeri), Rwanda; and Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. See where we work.

Q. How can I volunteer? 

A. We do not offer any organized volunteer programs.  However, if you are in Atlanta we welcome volunteers for a variety of office tasks such as mailings and help with fund raising events. We are grateful for our many local volunteers.  To explore volunteer opportunities you can submit an inquiry to with a note about how you are interested in helping.  Volunteer opportunities in Africa are contingent on the availability of Africa-based staff to work with you.  If you volunteer in Africa you will be responsible for your own airfare and other transportation, round trip. You should also be fluent in either French or Swahili or Kinyarwanda.  Passports, shots, etc. are required. 

Q. What travel company do you use for going to see the gorillas in Rwanda?

A. Our experienced trip specialists at Terra Incognita Ecotours have designed a unique program to visit this beautiful region. Please visit the Terra Incognita website for more information. You may also fill out this information form and return to the Terra Incognita team at to express your interest. Please be sure to mention the Fossey Fund in the "How did you hear about us?" section. With every confirmed booking at Terra Incognita, we receive a donation. For more travel information, please contact the Fossey Fund at

Q. I need to interview someone in your organization. Who should I contact?

A. Please contact our Communications desk at 404-624-5885.

Q. I have a question about Dian Fossey. Who can I ask?

A. A great deal of information about Dian Fossey, including a list of recommended reading, is posted on this site. If you do not find what you need there, please contact with specific questions.

Q. Can I use the Fossey Fund logo?

A. The Fossey Fund logo and any materials found on our website can only be used with permission, unless specifically posted otherwise.  Please send an inquiry to


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