Nickolas L. Faust, Chair

Nickolas L. Faust is the principal research scientist at the Georgia Tech Research Institute’s Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory and associate director of Georgia Tech’s Center for Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He has conducted research on the development and application of remote sensing and GIS algorithms since 1966. As head of the Image Analysis and Visualization Branch, he directed efforts at pattern recognition of multi-spectral image data and terrain analysis of the earth’s surface.

He co-founded the Earth Resources Data Analysis Systems company in 1978, developed tools for the three-dimensional visualization of geographic data, and published papers along with the Georgia Tech College of Computing that provided a framework for current tools such as Google Earth and Microsoft’s Virtual Earth. Faust currently teaches a graduate class in remote sensing in the School of City Planning in the Georgia Tech College of Architecture and is developing remote sensing short courses for the Georgia Tech Research Institute.

His current interests include the development and use of remote sensing and GIS tools to analyze mountain gorilla habitat in Rwanda, Congo, and Uganda, in particular, the location of food plants and the relationships between the available food and the distribution of gorilla families in the park.

He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and a Master of Science degree in geophysics from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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