Sigourney Weaver, Honorary Chair

In 1987, Sigourney Weaver traveled to Rwanda to film “Gorillas in the Mist,” based on Dian Fossey’s book of the same name.  In 2006, she traveled back to the Virungas to film “Gorillas Revisited” with the BBC.  She considers it a great privilege to serve as honorary chairman of the Fossey Fund and to work with its indefatigable and resourceful staff.

Sigourney has created a host of memorable characters, both dramatic and comic.  Over the years, she has captivated audiences and won acclaim as one of the most esteemed actresses on both stage and screen.

Last year, she starred in the groundbreaking film “Avatar,” directed by James Cameron.  Upcoming films include “Paul” with Jason Bateman, Andy Fickman’s “You Again” alongside Jamie Lee Curtis, and “Cedar Rapids” starring Ed Helms.

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