Health Clinics in Rwanda

We have rebuilt and supplied rural health clinics in Rwanda to help communities near the gorillas’ habitat.

The people who live in areas near gorilla habitats in Rwanda have limited access to health facilities, and may have to travel long distances through dangerous territory to obtain health care. Many rural health clinics, including in the town of Bisate, were looted or neglected during periods of civil war. By restoring these clinics we provided the basis for a better quality of life for the people so they can become our partners in conservation.

Bisate clinic in Rwanda has undergone major renovation

Bisate Clinic

Rehabilitation and rebuilding of the rural Bisate clinic in Rwanda began in 2006, in partnership with Rwanda’s Ministry of Health. The clinic provides basic health care to 20,000 people who live near the mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. It was in dire need of improvement, due to unsanitary conditions, lack of electricity and clean water, and demoralized staff. Extensive rebuilding, staff training, and supplements to staff salaries have greatly improved conditions. Solar panels now supply electricity, and a rainwater collection system provides clean water. There is a renovated delivery room, computers, new beds and other basic equipment and supplies, sanitation facilities, and a motivated medical staff supplemented by "community health animators." With the addition of a new building in 2011, the Bisate clinic now has separate hospital wards for men, women and children (previously all patients were housed in a single ward). This aids in preventing cross-transmission of disease and provides privacy. The new hospital bloc also contains a pharmacy distribution center and an injection area that are adequately equipped.

Improvements at Bisate clinic include solar power, clean water and new equipment


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