Hygiene Education Helps Gorilla Conservation

Hygiene education is key to maintaining a healthy environment for people and gorilla conservation.

Large metallic posters promote hygiene education

The Fossey Fund’s Ecosystem Health Program, in partnership with local ministries of health, provides hygiene education and conservation education seminars to communities where we treat people for intestinal parasites, to prevent re-infection.

We explain how parasites cause infections and resulting health problems, and use various techniques to encourage prevention. We use DVDs showing intestinal parasites, and show films about hygiene and health. We also leave large metallic posters behind in easily accessed areas of the villages to help people remember the prevention methods. Hygiene education programs operate hand-in-hand with our parasite treatment program and other health programs.

In areas where there have been problems with water sources, we supplement equipment updates with community education on how to keep the area around the water sources clean and the importance of using latrines.  The Fossey Fund also works with communities living near gorillas to develop sustainable, affordable clean water and sanitation solutions.

Our message extends beyond hygiene education

As part of hygiene education, we give presentations on the value of protecting natural resources, how forest loss causes drought and crop loss, how the loss of species affects overall biodiversity, and how rare it is to live near forests with endangered species. Our message is: "You are part of your environment. Let's work together toward achieving a healthy environment for people and endangered species."

Equip Protection Patrols

The cold, wet climate and dense rainforest wears out the clothes and equipment of our patrols quickly.
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