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Your donation will help the gorillas and people in the Congo through gorilla monitoring, care of  orphaned gorillas, as well as health, education and livelihood programs, which, in turn, benefit gorilla conservation efforts.

The Fossey Fund has worked in the Congo since 2000 to save gorillas and the many other endangered animals there, through support of an immense corridor of nature reserves and national parks. Today, we are developing gorilla monitoring programs that we believe will discourage animal trafficking and save the endangered Grauer's gorilla from extinction.

But with the ongoing security issues in Congo, many local people are suffering and it is not possible to save the gorillas without providing help and support to the human communities around them.

Whether you are an individual donating at one of our Coins for CongoTM partner collection sites, a person with one collection asking friends and family to contribute, or an organization giving more than a million people the opportunity to participate, you would be amazed at what can be done with spare change

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For every $150 donation, you will receive an "I care about the Congo"    T-shirt.

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