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    <strong />Fossey Fund staff and volunteer leadership (from left):</strong> Scientist Dieter Steklis, CEO Clare Richardson, Board Vice President Joanne Truffelman, past board member Dennis KellyThe Fossey Leadership Council consists of those who enlist others to support gorilla conservation through events or gifts.

Energetic and creative, members of the Leadership Council work within their own communities and networks to help people and save gorillas.  How they do this varies tremendously with their interests, their networks and their abilities. Some develop benefit events, others create marketing opportunities, and more, but what Leadership Council members have in common is a passion for helping people and gorillas and for exposing more people to the work of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.

The Commitment
Those who join the Fossey Leadership Council commit to donating $10,000 to the Fossey Fund by raising support from others over a 12-month period.  The Fossey Fund commits to providing limited staff support toward Leadership Council member fundraising efforts.

Make Your Intentions Known
If you are interested in joining the Leadership Council and would like to explore possibilities, please contact us at 1 (800) 851-0203 or at

Our Thanks
Anyone who has committed to raise $10,000 or more within a 12-month period is included in the annual Dian Fossey Circle luncheon and receives a personally signed note from Sigourney Weaver.  If you agree, your commitment will be recognized in our donor publications.  Your inclusion encourages others to also think about how they can impact the future for gorillas and the people who live near them.

Join the Dian Fossey Circle

Sigourney WeaverJoin me as a $1,000 or above member. Only if we work together can we save gorillas.

Sigourney Weaver
Honorary Chair
Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

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