The Ellen DeGeneres Campus of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund is opening in 2021 and you can be a part of it!

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Become a Gorilla Champion today!

Through this very special offering, you can become an official Gorilla Champion and help us build our new home. Your generosity will be commemorated with a personalized five-inch Infant Gorilla plaque or an eight-inch Silverback plaque that will be displayed on our Gorilla Champions Wall inside the Sandy and Harold Price Research Center.

$1,000 Silverback Gorilla

$500 Infant Gorilla

Quantities are limited! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of the Fossey Fund’s future and create a legacy that, like Dian’s, ensures a future for wild gorillas. Reserve your plaque online today, or contact us to reserve multiple plaques.

The Fossey Fund was started by one woman who dared to make a difference, and her legacy is an enduring and powerful reminder that one person’s actions truly can change the world!

Since Dian originally established the Karisoke Research Center high in the Virunga mountains, we have worked tirelessly to continue her work. Our mission expanded over those 50-plus years, and it has been our dream over the last two decades to build a permanent home – a purpose-built facility that would enable us to elevate our protection and science efforts, expand our educational programming, and connect more closely with the people who live in the local community or are visiting the region.

Join the growing list of donors who have already signed up to be a Gorilla Champion!

Thomas Adamo

Kathy Arnold

Ed M. Auerbach

Dorothy Austin

Kathryn Baron

Scott Bauer

Rosamond L. Bennett

Jane Berkey

John P. Beynon

Cheri Bloom

Craig Boulton

Thomas A. Branson

Candace Breen-Warren

Elizabeth Brown

John Bull

Timothy Burke

Maggy Burnes

Jane S. Burtnett

Joshua Burton

Tobias Cadalbert

Katherine H. Cadwallader

Roni Campey

Casa Fagheaux

Jordan Cass

Janice Castro

Jason Caulfield

John Corben

Marie-France Côté

Cheryl Cruickshank

Nils De Moor

Jean DeCosta

Melanie L. DeVore, Ph.D.

Dee Dolan

Louis Dorfman

Pam Dyer

Janet T. Eads

Stefan Egger

Diane Engelhardt

Julie A. Evans

William L. Evans

Derek Fine

Charles Foschini

Stephanie Fowler

Sharon Fried

Robin Fritts-Long

Julia Gaines

Debbie Goellnitz

Melissa Goforth

Evelyn Grafton

Robert Greer

Mary Ellen Griffin

Yolande Grill

Elizabeth Grimley

Pauline Hansen

Marilyn S. Harness

Janice Harrison

Priscilla L. Hawkins

Donald Hedges, M.D.

Shari Henning

Alan Henry

Debra Herst

Joshua Hofland

Hollis Stern Charitable Fund

Jennifer Hughes

Susan Hughes

Sonji Jacobs

Elizabeth Joshi

Mirco Kaatz

Don Kassube

Jody Kaufman

Ryan Kegley

Norman Kozusko

Barbara Kraft

Wolfgang Krueger

Carla Laidlaw

Deborah Lazerson

Claes Lidell

Michael Linahan

Kathleen Lojkovic


Steve Lovell
Kristen Lukas, Ph.D.
Herb Lurie
David R. Mann
Seth A. Marquette
Rochelle Martel
Ellen B. McAllister
Dermot McGrath
Jennefer Morris
Ruth Mutch
Lara Olsha
Jill Over
Jeannie Pearce
Darlene Pedersen
Claudia E. Pennella
Barbara Phillippi
Nicholas Piazza
Shawn Privratsky
Jeff Ramsey
Samuella Ramsey
Joseph Ranos
Wendy Rappeport
Donna C. Rich, MD
Kimberley M. Richardson
Todd Robichaud
Helmut Rogasch
Christopher Rollins
Rebecca Rooney
Abigail Ross
Pete Rubin
Marina Saffel
Jacqueline Safley
Paul Salcido
Linda Salzer
Leslie Sannen
Dorothy Schinella
Geoffrey Schmidt
Heather Schnapp
Marcel Schulze
Andrea Seethaler
Caren Siehl
Gloria Snead
Donna Somers
Peter Steinmann
Polly D. Sten
Alasdair Stewart
Suzanne T. Stoinski
Tara Stoinski
Torunn Strandjord
Daniel Sullivan
Tara Sweeney
Sura Gail Tala
Tim Terry
Pat Tessler
Alberta Testanero
The Vanessa Viso Separate Property Trust
Sylvie Thevenaz
Susanne Timmermann
Robert B. Tober, MD
Janet Trettner
Rita Tsai
Elisabeth Turner
Dennis B. Umshler
Sue Van Boven
Alexio Vay
Alan Vogel
Gillian Wagner
Danielle Westfall, MD
Doug Wicinski
Andreas Wodtke
Anne Woodward
Lauren Wyckoff
Paul Wyckoff
Choon Keong Yap
Rostyslav Yesep
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