Every Donor is a Member of the Gorilla Team

We have learned a few things over half a century on the frontline of gorilla study and protection about what works to save them.

Of utmost importance: that this incredible challenge is one we cannot face alone. We know that to save gorillas it takes all of us – communities, scientists, field staff, support staff, local authorities, and our many generous supporters and partners – all working together.

Every donor of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund saves and sustains gorillas in the wild.

You are part of our team of more than 150 committed trackers, anti-poaching patrols, scientists, and community-builders who work 365 days each year to ensure our conservation and gorilla protection programs.

When you give, you also join an incredible international community of Fossey Fund supporters who are passionate about conservation of gorillas, their habitat, and the communities living near them.

Thank you for caring so much about this awesome privilege of protecting one of the world’s most magnificent creatures.

We’re glad you’re with us!

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