You are Kundurwanda!

You got Kundurwanda, the energetic and carefree youngster of the troop. You’re always down for some fun, whether it be wrestling with your friends or chasing them through the trees. Even though you love running around socializing, you’re always happy to return to the nest at the end of a busy day for some relaxed grooming from Mom. You still have some growing up to do, but you’re well on your way to being a fine member of the troop.

Kundurwanda is one of the younger members of the troop, and he is still finding his place in it and the world. Just 3 years old, he will be dependent on his mother, Ishema, for another year or so until she has another infant.  At that point, he’ll start sleeping on his own, making his own nest each night. One of his favorite pastimes is roaming the nearby forest and having adventures with other youngsters. It is important for young gorillas to have playmates, as these relationships will come in handy as he grows up and forms his own troop.

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