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Introducing our limited-edition MoonGorillas, a collection of 10,000 unique, net carbon positive NFTs inspired by the important work of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. These gorillas have come from the moon to help their endangered cousins on Earth and have chosen objects and outfits they hope will help them fit in but have gotten lost along the way. Adopt one as your NFT nature pet and help them in their mission to save the Earth’s last gorillas.

To the Moon(Gorilla)! 🦍🚀

To learn about what makes MoonGorillas special, please visit our FAQs.

And don’t forget to download your digital wallet prior to purchase and have your wallet address ready. If you don’t have a wallet yet, follow these instructions on how to create yours.

MoonGorillas will only be available for a limited time so buy yours today!  And you may be lucky and get one of the 20 extra rare gorillas.

MoonGorillas have been made possible through our partnership with Perl.eco

MoonGorilla NFTs are the first full collection in the world that also has an augmented reality (AR) effect using pioneering technology developed by SparkAR Studio. You can use your Instagram or Facebook apps to view and interact with your MoonGorilla’s AR effects. 

Each MoonGorilla NFT will have SparkAR effects allowing you to interact with your NFT in creative ways. Users will be able to scan a code using a Facebook family app (e.g. Facebook or Instagram) to access and share the AR effect on their MoonGorilla. For example, when you view your gorilla, it will create a 3D effect and move and shift on the page as you move your device, unlike a static photograph or image.

Directions on how you can use your MoonGorilla with SparkAR are available here.

You’ve purchased your MoonGorilla, now what?

Click here for directions on how to

view your MoonGorilla.

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