Rugira and her infant Mudasumbwa

Musilikale's Group

Rugira D.O.B. April 7, 2008 Mudasumbwa D.O.B. July 30, 2020

Rugira, who joined Musilikale’s group in 2015, and her 1-year-old son, Mudasumbwa, enjoy being a part of a large group – there are 24 gorillas in the group, of which 10 are under the age of 5.

Rugira is an experienced mom whose first son, Urugano, was born four years ago. She surprised us with the birth of Mudasumbwa only three years later as usually gorilla females give birth every four years.

Mudasumbwa, whose name means “outstanding,” was born in July 2020 and has used the number of young gorillas in the group to his advantage and is maturing very fast through the relationships and skills he is building with his playmates. While he still relies on Rugira for food and protection, he spends every waking hour playing with his best friends, Duhuze and Mpanuro, or following his big brother Urugano around. Urugano, who is famous for his adventurous spirit, is always trying new things, and Mudasumbwa is never far behind. Even with two very adventurous young gorillas, Rugira can rest easy knowing that her boys are well protected by the three silverback brothers, who keep a watchful eye over all of the young gorillas in the group.

When Mudasumbwa isn’t playing, he is spending time with Rugira learning which leaves, roots and flowers are safe to eat, and how to find them – important skills he will need as he grows up.

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