Better News Today About Inshuti, and Another Birth

May 21, 2013

Better News Today About Inshuti, and Another Birth

Inshuti with wounded eyeI’m happy to tell you all that Inshuti is fine. When I went up to see him today he was alert, feeding and moving normally. Phocas (long term head tracker in Inshuti’s group) was with me and that may be the reason why Inshuti allowed us to stay close to him and I could have a perfect view.

Inshuti has small superficial wounds on his hands and legs, but the most serious is on his right eye, which is swollen and closed. That would be the only thing to monitor. He could not open it, so I can’t exclude that he may have some permanent damage inside and that it could get infected over time. But overall, he looks healthy.

Titus’s group was really close, but Inshuti showed no intention to interact with them again. He just looked in the direction of Titus’s group and calmly continued his activities. Female Shangaza is fine and always stays close to Inshuti. We will check on him again to make sure his eye has not become infected.

More good news today from Isabukuru’s group: Muganga gave birth to her second infant, the first one since she transferred to Isabukuru’s group.