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Adopt a gorilla

The Fossey Fund’s symbolic gorilla adoption program brings you into the life of a gorilla, while also providing support for their daily protection. Each day our brave trackers locate the gorilla groups we monitor and make sure every individual is safe. This daily protection has led to an increase in the mountain gorilla population. They are the only ape whose numbers are not declining!

When you symbolically adopt through the Fossey Fund, you will learn all about your adoptee’s life and family, and become a crucial part of their future. Choose your new family member below.

Adoptions also make special and meaningful gifts for your family, friends or colleagues, or for special occasions.

When you adopt a gorilla, you or your gift recipient will receive (via email):

  • A ready-to-display digital adoption certificate with a full-color photo of your new gorilla family member.
  • A profile with beautiful images of your gorilla along with detailed information from the field and twice-yearly updates.
  • A digital subscription to the Gorilla Journal, the Fossey Fund’s quarterly newsletter.
  • A special video and downloadable image of your new gorilla family member.

Our new premium packages are currently available for U.S. residents only. Add a personalized printed certificate with your standard digital package OR; Add a personalized printed certificate and an adorable gorilla plushie with your standard digital package. The Fossey Fund is committed to getting your adoption to you in a timely manner, however we cannot guarantee time sensitive deliveries and any shipping delays beyond our control. A tracking number will be sent to you via e-mail once shipped.

Mother Bukima and Male Infant Nyirindekwe: an unbreakable bond

Bukima, a 30-year-old female named after a nearby forest area, resides in the Musilikale family with her 2-year-old son Nyirindekwe, whose name means “protector.” They share their family with Bukima's younger sister Ikaze and her infant Kwaguka Kwiyongera, along with a newborn who will receive a name in the upcoming Kwita Izina ceremony.
$150 Adopt Bukima & Nyirindekwe

Mutobo: this silverback is large and in charge

Mutobo was named after the river near where he was born, on Oct. 31, 2004, to mother Gutangara in the historic Pablo group. He ventured out on his own as a solitary male in 2017. Then, in 2019, after a week-long interaction, he formed his own group, demonstrating leadership, protection and paternal instincts.
$199 adopt Mutobo

Female Infant Mukundwa: the life of the party

Mukundwa, the youngest offspring of Teta in the Pablo family, enjoys the company of her mother and older sister Umukuru. Despite her tender age, she engages in exploratory activities and is often found swinging in trees or climbing on her mother, both of which are important steps for her physical development.
$75 adopt Mukundwa

Male Infant Mugisha and Male Infant Inganzo: best friends in life

Mugisha and Inganzo, both 1-year-old gorillas, are members of Dushishoze’s group. While their dynamic is very sibling-like, they are actually uncle and nephew, with Mugisha being slightly younger than his nephew! Their close friendship is evident as they frequently play with each other and with older infants Kira and Inararibonye, who are also close kin.
$150 Adopt Mugisha and Inganzo

Female Infant Bigwi: calm, cool and collected

Bigwi, whose name means “achiever,” lives in the Ntambara family, with her mother Kurinda and older sister Bisoke. During resting time, Kurinda will alternate between grooming both Bigwi and Bisoke, showing her motherly affection.
$75 Adopt Bigwi

Female Infant Nibagwire: the great-granddaughter of gorilla royalty

Nibagwire, which means “multiply,” is the daughter of Ubuhamya in the Segasira family, adding to the league of silverback Titus, known as the “gorilla king.” Despite being one of the youngest infants in the group, Nibagwire/s adventurous nature captivates observers as she ventures away from her mother.
$75 adopt Nibagwire

Adult Male Oval: this alpha male reigns supreme

Oval, the dominant male of the Kinege golden monkey family, earned his name from the shape of his ears. He leads a family of 60 individuals, which formed in 2019 after splitting from the Kabatwa family.
$50 adopt Mukundwa

Turakomeje and Icumbi: inseparable silverback brothers

Silverback brothers Turakomeje, meaning “ongoing”, and Icumbi, meaning “home,” were born on Dec. 10, 2000, and April 04, 2004, respectively. Their names reflect the mountain gorillas' freedom in their natural habitat, where they benefit from ongoing conservation efforts.
$299 adopt Turakomeje & Icumbi

Meet the great-granddaughter of gorilla royalty