Adopt a gorilla

The Fossey Fund’s symbolic gorilla adoption program brings you into the life of a gorilla, while also providing support for their daily protection. Each day our brave trackers locate the gorilla groups we monitor and make sure every individual is safe. This daily protection has led to an increase in the mountain gorilla population. They are the only ape whose numbers are not declining!

Since our trackers and researchers are in the forest every day, we know a lot about these gorillas and have detailed information on their lives. When you symbolically adopt through the Fossey Fund, you will learn all about your adoptee’s life and family and become a crucial part of their future.

Adopting a gorilla through the Fossey Fund helps ensure that the gorillas will remain safe for generations to come and is a wonderful way to participate in this uniquely successful conservation effort.

Adoptions also make special and meaningful gifts for your family, friends, or colleagues, or for special occasions.

When you adopt a mountain gorilla, you or your gift recipient will receive (via email):

  • A personalized adoption certificate with a full-color photo of your new family member.
  • A digital profile with beautiful images of your gorilla along with detailed information from the field.
  • A digital subscription to the Gorilla Journal, the Fossey Fund’s quarterly newsletter.
  • A special video of your new family member.
  • A downloadable image of your gorilla family member.
  • A twice yearly update on your new gorilla family member.

Silverback Imfura

Who said silverbacks are grumpy and serious? This is certainly not the case for subordinate silverback Imfura of Pablo’s group, who has an outgoing and fun personality. Even at 14 years of age, he still loves to play and is often surrounded by the younger members of the group, especially 1-year-old Uwacu, whom he loves to babysit.
$200 Adopt Imfura

Infant Uwacu

Uwacu, meaning “one of us”, was born into historic Pablo’s group on May 27, 2020, to a young first-time mom, Isangano, who was only 9 when she gave birth. Uwacu was named by Fossey Fund tracker Emmanuel Nzabonimpa, who says he chose the name because “when Isangano gave birth, she was surrounded and assisted by many other gorillas of the group, and it seemed as if they had recognized and welcomed the newborn into the family.”
$75 adopt Uwacu

Mother Rugira and Infant Mudasumbwa

Rugira, who joined Musilikale’s group in 2015, and her 1-year-old son, Mudasumbwa, enjoy being a part of a large group – there are 24 gorillas in the group, of which 10 are under the age of 5. Rugira is an experienced mom whose first son, Urugano, was born four years ago. She surprised us with the birth of Mudasumbwa only three years later as usually gorilla females give birth every four years.
$150 adopt Rugira and Mudasumbwa

Infant Umukuru

Umukuru is currently the oldest infant in Pablo’s group, and she is often the leader of playtime activities with the other infants and even her juvenile friend, Umuryango. This has been a great distraction recently as Teta has been working hard to wean Umukuru, who is now relying completely on solid foods – she eats mostly leaves and soft stems, but also samples roots and bark as well.
$75 adopt umucuru

Siblings Kabeho and Mubyeyi

Siblings Kabeho, meaning “long live,” and Mubyeyi, meaning “mother,” were born one month apart in November and December of 2020. They live in Kureba’s group, and the brother and sister pair are both the infants of dominant silverback Ishavu.
$125 adopt Kabeho and Mubyeyi

Infant Twirinde

Born into Ntambara’s group on December 24, 2020, 2-year-old infant Twirinde is the youngest gorilla of expert mom Tegereza. Twirinde, meaning “protection,” still relies on her mom for food and transportation, but she loves to play and adventure around the group with the support and protection of her older brothers. Subordinate silverback Inkumbuza and dominant silverback Twibuke also keep a close watch over her as she roams.
$75 Adopt Twirinde

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