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Adopt a gorilla

The Fossey Fund’s symbolic gorilla adoption program brings you into the life of a gorilla, while also providing support for their daily protection. Each day our brave trackers locate the gorilla groups we monitor and make sure every individual is safe. This daily protection has led to an increase in the mountain gorilla population. They are the only ape whose numbers are not declining!

When you symbolically adopt through the Fossey Fund, you will learn all about your adoptee’s life and family, and become a crucial part of their future. Choose your new family member below.

Adoptions also make special and meaningful gifts for your family, friends or colleagues, or for special occasions.

When you adopt a gorilla, you or your gift recipient will receive (via email):

  • A ready-to-display digital adoption certificate with a full-color photo of your new gorilla family member.
  • A profile with beautiful images of your gorilla along with detailed information from the field and twice-yearly updates.
  • A digital subscription to the Gorilla Journal, the Fossey Fund’s quarterly newsletter.
  • A special video and downloadable image of your new gorilla family member.

Isooko – an up-and-coming silverback

Isooko, a 13-year-old silverback, grew up in Pablo’s group with his older brother Ubwuzu and younger brother Tebuka. The three brothers are incredibly close and relied heavily on each other after their mother prematurely passed away in 2018. After Mitimbili’s passing, Isooko’s grandmother Mukecuru (the oldest-recorded mountain gorilla followed since birth) stepped in to help care for the boys and filled the role of the doting grandmother.
$200 Adopt Isooko

Taraja – a strong female gorilla

Taraja is a 24-year-old female gorilla who is currently a member of Segasira’s group. Taraja is a very special gorilla as she has overcome incredible challenges throughout her life. She was born on June 1,1999, into Beetsme’s group to mom Fuddle and dad “Gorilla King” Titus, and at the young age of 3, faced her first major challenge – the loss of her mother.
$150 adopt Taraja

Mucyo – a fun-loving golden monkey

Mucyo, whose name means “light,” is a 3-year-old golden monkey who is in the Kabatwa group. Kabatwa group is a multi-male and multi-female group with more than 150 individual monkeys. They are often seen in the eastern part of Volcanoes National Park.
$50 adopt Mucyo

Nshunguye – granddaughter of the “Gorilla King”

Nshunguye, is a 2-year-old female gorilla from Titus’ group and is the daughter of Kurudi, the granddaughter of Titus the “Gorilla King” and the great niece of Dian Fossey’s favorite gorilla, Digit. Nshunguye whose name means “rescuer,” has exhibited extreme confidence from a young age, something she likely learned from her big sister, Macibiri.
$75 adopt Nshunguye

Kwanda – an energetic young gorilla

Kwanda, whose name means “to expand,”’ was born on Oct. 12, 2021, to mom Izihirwa in Musilikale’s group. He is an energetic young gorilla and loves to play in the trees, swinging from vines. He is at the age where he is beginning to test his own bravery and venture farther away from his mom.
$75 adopt Kwanda

Mudakama’s infant – the cutest infant ever known

All infant gorillas are cute, but Mudakama’s infant has to be the cutest! From his fluffy hair and irresistible eyes to his developing personality, few infants we’ve seen so far are more adorable. He was born on Oct. 29, 2022, to mom Mudakama and dad, dominant silverback, Mutobo. We know that Mutobo is the dad as he is the only silverback in the group.
$75 Adopt Mudakama's infant
Limited time offer through Feb 29th:
Adopt Uburinganire, Dian Fossey's birthday buddy.