Adopt a gorilla

The Fossey Fund’s adoption program is unique — while the gorillas have graciously allowed humans to share their habitat, the animals we monitor and protect every single day are truly wild and are not in a sanctuary. When you symbolically adopt a gorilla through the Fossey Fund, you help ensure the gorillas’ wildness and protection for generations to come. When you adopt a gorilla, you or your gift recipient will receive (via email):
  • A ready-to-display adoption certificate with a full-color photo of your new family member.
  • A profile with beautiful images of your gorilla along with detailed information from the field.
  • A digital subscription to the Gorilla Journal, the Fossey Fund’s quarterly newsletter.
  • A special video of your new family member.
  • A downloadable image of your gorilla family member.
  • A twice yearly update on your new gorilla family member.

Silverback Agahebuzo

We often think of silverbacks as majestic leaders and occasional bullies who enjoy showing off their power! But there are also silverbacks that are the strong, silent type. Subordinate silverback Agahebuzu has always preferred kindness and good relationships to fighting for positions of dominance and power. Like humans, gorillas show a wide range of personalities, and although their large size can be intimidating, they are gentle natured animals. Observing Agahebuzo throughout his life has been a great joy, and it gives us insight into the personality differences among silverbacks.
$150 Adopt Agahebuzo

Infant Bisoke

Kurinda, a female gorilla in Ntambara’s group, is mom to 2-year-old infant Bisoke. A typical infant, Bisoke has lots of energy and is always hanging around and playing with other infants in the group. She is always the center of entertainment for the group.
$60 adopt bisoke

Silverback Ishavu and Infant Karame

Ishavu was born into Pablo’s group on July 8, 2001 but left his natal group in 2017 when Kureba’s group was formed. Following Kureba’s death, Ishavu stepped in as the dominant silverback of the group. Ishavu turns 20 this year, and he is now a full-grown silverback. Since beginning his reign, Ishavu has been the only adult male of the group, and he is the father of all the group’s infants, including two-year-old Karame. Born on October 25, 2018, Karame will turn three this year. He was the first infant born into Kureba’s group and is Ishavu’s first son.
$125 adopt ishavu and infant karame

Infant Kira

Few things are better than being an infant in Pablo’s group, and two-year-old Kira is taking full advantage of it! Kira, whose name means bless you, was born on March 11, 2019, to mom Shishikara. Kira is Shishikara’s first infant, and she is using all the lessons learned from her own mom, Gutangara, who recently gave birth to her seventh infant, Inararibonye. Kira is still dependent on his mom for nutrition, and feeding time is Shishikara’s only chance to clean him — it’s the only time he stands still. When he is finished eating, he runs off to play again, and he will play for hours!
$60 adopt kira

Mother Akaramata and Infant Kazeneza

Akaramata is a 12-year-old female gorilla in Mutobo’s group, which she joined in April 2019. On September 12, just a few months after she joined the group, Akaramata gave birth to her first infant, a male named Kazeneza. Kazeneza received his name, which means welcome, because he was the first infant born into Mutobo’s group.
$125 adopt akaramata and kazeneza

Infant Duhuze

Young gorillas have energy to spare, and 2-year-old Duhuze is no exception! Duhuze, whose name means “liaison,” was born into Musilikale’s group on August 8, 2019. Nine of the 22 group members are infants or juveniles, so Duhuze has lots of opportunities to play.
$60 Adopt Duhuze

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