No one loved gorillas more.

Dian Fossey is remembered throughout the world for her heroic and personal struggle to preserve, study, and defend the majestic mountain gorillas of Africa. During a career that spanned two decades, she earned the trust of the mountain gorillas she studied, and did so despite intense isolation, illness, unpredictable weather conditions, poachers, and a civil revolution. We do not know what Dian would have been able to achieve had she survived, but we do know that her life’s work of studying and protecting gorillas lives on today…in the steady population of mountain gorillas in Africa as well as in the people of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International.

Dian’s firm commitment to wildlife preservation is an enduring legacy for all of us of the power of one person’s actions to literally change the world. It is in that indomitable spirit that we invite you to join the Dian Fossey Leadership Circle, the recognition society for our most loyal donors of $1,000-$9,999. Dian Fossey Leadership Circle members provide critical ongoing support to the Fossey Fund’s mission, and are the sustaining backbone of our gorilla conservation work in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Each gift of $1,000 or more makes an immediate diff­erence in the success of our mission to protect gorillas in the wild. As a member of the Dian Fossey Leadership Circle, you will enjoy a special connection to our field programs, staff, and scientists. We look forward to your participation in this unique group! join now


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