World Gorilla Day

Take Action for Gorilla Conservation

World Gorilla Day is an annual event celebrating gorillas and empowering global communities to take action for gorilla conservation.

Why World Gorilla Day?

World Gorilla Day - September 24

World Gorilla Day provides an opportunity for people all over the world to come together to celebrate gorillas and commit to taking action to protect gorillas in the wild.

As we mark the fifth anniversary of World Gorilla Day, we have so much to celebrate:

The last global mobile phone recycling challenge, “Gorillas on the Line… Answer the Call” came to a close in April 2019. Twenty-two zoo and aquarium partners collectively hosted the challenge, recruiting schools and organizations within their local region to join the campaign. In total the message reached more than 260,000 people; 56 groups across the country participated and collected 12,486 old mobile phones, raising $6,055 to save gorillas in the wild! The 2019 challenged far surpassed the goals of engaging 10,000 people in collecting 10,000 phones. This community engagement initiative was created by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Gorilla Species Survival Plan education advisory team to raise awareness about how cell phone recycling benefits gorilla conservation.

This year, we are once again inviting ALL to answer the call for gorillas: Individuals, organizations and conservationists of all kinds are invited to join the World Gorilla Day celebration on September 24 to help give a voice to one of our closest relatives.

Gorilla Species

Take Action

Get involved to help save gorillas. There are lots of things you can do.

  • Start a fundraiser and earn gorilla SWAG
  • Give to support gorilla conservation
  • Buy a World Gorilla Day T-shirt
  • Host a World Gorilla Day event at your company/school/neighborhood
  • Visit an organization hosting a World Gorilla Day event near you—check out the websites of participating organizations listed below to find out more
  • Recycle your mobile device—recycling your cell or smart phone, tablet or MP3 player will reduce the demand for ore that is mined in some gorilla habitats, plus you’ll help raise funds for gorilla conservation
  • Share a post on social media and tag #worldgorilladayclick here for our World Gorilla Day toolkit
  • Join the 2021 global mobile phone recycling challenge, “Gorillas on the Line… Answer the Call.” Click here for the recruitment template

Take Action to Help Gorillas

Additional Resources

Supporting Organizations

Supporting Organizations World Gorilla Day

Please visit these institutions websites to learn how they are involved in celebrating World Gorilla Day!