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Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Q:  Where can I find more information about Dian Fossey?

A:  Click here to learn more about Dian Fossey.

Q:  Are there any volunteer opportunities?

A:  At this time, we do not have any current volunteer opportunities, but please continue to check back as our needs grow! For now, the best way to get involved is by signing up for e-newsadopting a gorilla, hosting an online fundraiser, or by giving a general donation.

Q:  What is your donor privacy policy?

A:  We take the protection of our donor information very seriously. You can find our privacy policy and read more about the use and disclosure of personal information here.

Q:  Where can I find more information about traveling with the Fossey Fund to Africa?

A: Visit our travel page by clicking here.

Q:  How do I become a member?

A:  All donors are considered members of the Fossey Fund, and once you join our donor community, you’ll receive regular communications about the gorillas and our critical work to help save them all. Click here to donate!

Q: Can I visit the new Ellen DeGeneres Campus in Rwanda?

A:  Yes, you can! Please click here to learn more about the campus.

Fundraising and Donations

Q:  How do I raise money for the Fossey Fund?

A: There are many ways to raise support for the Fossey Fund! The simplest way to raise funds is by setting up your own fundraising page – the link can then be shared on social media, emailed to friends and family, and even given out during a birthday party or corporate event! If you’d like additional assistance or help with raising funds, please contact Beth Warner at bwarner@gorillafund.org. For additional ways to help, please click here.

Q:  How do I donate funds raised from a fundraiser?

A: If you’ve set up a fundraising page through our website, your donations are already coming our way! You can also mail checks to us at 800 Cherokee Ave SE Atlanta, GA 30315. We are also happy to take credit card payments over the phone (1-800-851-0203). If you’ve collected funds in another way or still aren’t sure how to get them to us, please contact Beth Warner at bwarner@gorillafund.org.

Q:  How do I receive the thank-you gift listed on the donation page?

A:  Your thank-you gift will be shipped to you at the address you provided within two to four weeks of the date that you make your donation. Please note that international orders can take six to eight weeks to arrive.


Q:  Are adoption fees one-time or monthly?

A:  Adoption fees are a one-time annual payment, which means that you’ll need to renew each year to receive an updated certificate and profile, and to continue getting updates about your gorilla(s). Adoptions do not renew automatically each year.  All adoptions are fulfilled digitally.

Q:  Why are your gorilla adoptions digital-only?

A: Our gorilla adoptions are digital for many reasons. We want to send as much of your gift as possible directly to the field to help the gorillas, rather than spending it on postage and printing. Digital adoptions are also better for the environment! Less paper means less waste. Finally, our digital program gives YOU the ability to customize the delivery and display of your adoption as you see fit – you can print it out on your choice of paper, frame it, enlarge it, or wrap it up for a gift recipient – the opportunities are endless!

Q:   How often do new gorilla adoptions become available?

A: Each year we offer a new group of gorillas that you can symbolically adopt. As a part of your adoption, you will receive an official adoption certificate, a bio of your newest family member, and downloadable images and videos. You will also receive updates on your gorilla adoption six months after your adoption and again on the anniversary of your adoption.


Q:  Is there a way to purchase Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund merchandise?

A:  Currently, the best way to purchase merchandise is through our e-store. Also, if you sign up for e-news, you’ll be the first to know about our latest gorilla gear offerings!