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Join the Conservation Crew

Every single day Conservation Crew members save gorillas and help people in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo through monthly giving.

Mother and infant gorilla

Sometimes even the biggest animals need help

Silverback gorillas can weigh up to 450 pounds, but sometimes even the biggest animals need a little help…

The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund Conservation Crew is a compassionate community of monthly donors whose regular ongoing support helps people and gorillas in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo every single day of the year. Monthly donors provide predictable, sustainable revenue that we know we can count on – no matter what.

Join or renew your commitment to the Conservation Crew today. When you do, you’ll be making a gift with lasting impact.

$ 10
  • Supports conservation education programming around Volcanoes National Park
$ 25
  • Funds one camera trap in the Congo where we monitor and protect critically endangered Grauer's gorillas.
$ 50
  • Supports anti-poaching activities in Rwanda and Congo
$ 84

Dian Fossey's Leadership Circle
  • Funds one tracker's equipment for an entire year.

Can’t give monthly? Click here to make a one-time donation today!

No amount is too small to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the planet’s last wild gorillas.

If you currently have an active monthly gift, you can manage your online gift here.