Gorillas are beautiful, resilient animals. But poaching and habitat destruction have pushed their populations to the brink of extinction in recent decades.

Our brave founder, Dian Fossey, knew that gorillas would need our help to survive. Today, the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund is dedicated to continuing and expanding Dian’s work. We protect gorillas and their forests every day, while also helping the people who live near them. Click here to give today.

Dian Fossey:

A Conservation Pioneer

Dian Fossey’s work to study and protect the lives of the wild gorillas in Rwanda touched the hearts of people around the world. Her focus, courage and passion have inspired many conservationists who have followed since. And her legacy lives on today, in the gorilla protection, science, education and people programs of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.

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Everything okay, Urwibutso? 🤔

Urwibutso is just fine, but we totally can relate to his vibe — sometimes you fall asleep while eating. No big deal. 🤣 😄

📹 Video: Veronica Vecellio

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It's active rest. 😄

When gorillas rest, it's not just downtime — it's social time! While grown-ups do their thing — caring for little ones, grooming and napping — the youngsters take the chance to gather and have a blast playing together. 🦍

Watch Musilikale's group rest in this video. 🙌

📹 Video: J.P. Samedi Mucyo

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Meet Kwanda! 🤗

🔸 He is an energetic young gorilla and loves to play in the trees, swinging from vines.
🔸 Kwanda's name means “to expand." He was born on Oct. 12, 2021, to mom Izihirwa in Musilikale’s group.
🔸 He is at the age where he is beginning to test his own bravery and venture farther away from his mom.

And, guess what? You can adopt Kwanda! 🦍

Symbolic adoptions at the Fossey Fund help to support the mountain gorillas we protect in Rwanda.

Learn more - link in bio!

📹 Videos 1 & 3: Olivier Dusenge
📹 Video 2: James Munyawera

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Wait for it... 🤭

In this video, watch Kazeneza practice some gorilla skills (namely, an EPIC chest beat)! 😃 🦍

📹 Video: Cedric Ujeneza

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He's a hungry little dude. 💛

Turimaso, a descendant of the legendary Effie gorilla family, is doing great with her 2-month-old male infant as he seeks to breastfeed. They are members of Susa's group.

📹 Video: Jonas Anthony

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We know parents everywhere can relate. 🤣 😅

In this video, Inyenyeri attempts to rest while her energetic 4-month-old, Impundu, keeps her on her toes. 😍

📹 Video: James Munyawera

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It's a special day! ✨

This World Wildlife Conservation Day, we want to introduce you to Uburinganire! He will turn 1 in January.

In this video, this sweet infant is practicing the art of chest beating, a pivotal skill in gorilla communication. 💛 🦍

From October 2022 to today, we've seen an incredible 13 births in the mountain gorilla populations we monitor. Infants ensure the future and survival of gorilla species!

This World Wildlife Conservation Day, will you join us in our conservation mission?

➡️ Learn how you can get involved or donate - by visiting our website (link in bio)!

📹 Video: Bertrand Mahirwe

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Well, hello Ubusugire! 🤗

Time flies! This is an adorable picture of infant Ubusugire from last year. At the time, he was only 8 months old. Now, he is almost 2! 🦍

📸 Photo: Eric Ndayishimiye

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Since March, our field teams have been observing two gorilla groups with some *very* interesting behavior. 🦍

Learn more - link in bio!

📸 Photo: Eric Ndayishimiye

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