Gorillas are beautiful, resilient animals. But poaching and habitat destruction have pushed their populations to the brink of extinction in recent decades.

Our brave founder, Dian Fossey, knew that gorillas need human help to survive the future. Today, the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund is dedicated to continuing Dian Fossey’s work to protect gorillas while helping and educating the people who live near them.

Dian Fossey:

A Conservation Pioneer

Dian Fossey’s work to study and protect the lives of the wild gorillas in Rwanda touched the hearts of people around the world. Her focus, courage and passion have inspired many conservationists who have followed since. And her legacy lives on today, in the gorilla protection, science, education and people programs of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.

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Happy #fathersday 🎉 Looking to find a way to celebrate your dad and make a difference all at the same time? A great way to celebrate the dads in your life is to adopt Ishavu and his son Karame! They are our brand new adoptable father and son pair. When you symbolically adopt a gorilla, you are ensuring that gorillas are around for generations to come! https://gorillafund.org/adopt/ (link in bio) ...

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Still looking for that perfect gift for the dads in your life? WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED 👍�⠀
Give a gift that makes a difference when you give a symbolic gorilla adoption for Father’s Day! (link in bio)⠀

📸: Samedi Jean Pierre Mucyo

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Happy father's day to the most successful of our silverbacks, Musilikale. He has 10 😳 kids ranging from just a few months old to 6 years old! His most recent infant was born just this February! Musilikale is a proud dad and protector of his growing group, which is now at 22 gorillas! #fathersday ...

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Mutobu is an awesome silverback dad! He formed his group 2 years ago and has since grown it to 9 gorillas, 2 of which are 1 year old infants! He is a great leader and very patient with his little ones ☺️ #fathersday ...

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Happy Birthday to the silverback with some of the most epic facial expressions… Mafunzo! P.S. He also happens to be one of the largest silverbacks we study! 🎉 🎊 🎁 ...

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🚨 JUST RELEASED 🚨 Our new gorilla adoptions are now available and just in time for Father’s Day 😉 Symbolic adoptions make great gifts for dad and make a difference! Give the dads in your life a gift that changes the world! 🌍 (link in bio)⠀

📸: Honorine Ihimbazwe

7643 51

Life as an infant gorilla can sometimes be a balancing act 😂 especially when your mom wants to play with her friends! Hold on tight! 

📸: James Munyawera

8425 112

Twibuke's last offspring was born on December 24th to mom Tegereza. Twibuke spends a lot of time with the new baby 😍, but more importantly, he is often taking care of the older infants that are always around him, including Tegereza's older infant, Iyamarere. #fathersday⠀

📸: Eric Ndayishimiye

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Smiling because we are halfway through the week! 😁 😬 😝 ⠀

📸: Veronica Vecellio

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Who loves their brother?! 🤚 3 and 6 year old siblings Ingirakamaro and Tabaro are super close and are always hanging out together! They live with their mother, Ubufatanye, in Musilikale's group. ⠀

📸: James Munyawera

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Big news for Grauer’s gorillas. A recent survey done by @theWCS puts the estimated global population number at 6,800 individuals. What does this new number mean? Find out here. (link in bio) ...

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Pato recently became a father for the 2nd time 🎉 in April! There are 3 silverbacks in his group so we will need a genetic test to confirm he's the dad, but we are pretty sure it's Pato, because he is always in very close proximity with Kurudi and the new baby! ❤️ #fathersday⠀

📸: Samedi Jean Pierre Mucyo

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Gorillas have ten fingers and ten toes just like we do! Though our hands and feet are similar, gorillas have opposable thumbs on both their hands and feet! ⠀

📸: Laban Kayitete

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We aren’t happy that the weekend is over too, Ishimwe! ⠀

📸: Eric Ndayishimiye

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