Female Kubyina Found Dead

October 12, 2011

Female Kubyina Found Dead

Kubyina in April 2011I am sorry to again report sad news. This afternoon trackers found elderly female Kubyina's dead body, in the same area where her traces were seen for the last time on Sept. 8. A member of Ugenda's group, she was over 30 years old.

The corpse was in advanced decomposition. Tracker Jean Damascene Hategekimana, known as Fundi, identified her from her body's shape and location. It was very close to Ugenda's group's trail from September. She was lying back down and some internal parts as well as hairs were on the ground, which Fundi could only guess was the result of a dog attack after she had died. The body will be recovered tomorrow and transported to the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project for further analysis.

After the dramatic sequence of events that saw adult females Notobo, Ginseng and Kubyina die in the past few weeks, we don't have much hope for female Umwana, who left her group on Oct. 8. We will keep looking for her.