New Bisate Clinic Ward Opens

October 5, 2011

New Bisate Clinic Ward Opens

Program Manager Ildephonse Munyarugero in the new wardThe Fossey Fund is very pleased that the new men's ward at the Bisate Clinic is now complete and open for new patients! The new ward provides a private room for male children and another for male adults, as well as a pharmacy and an injection room.

Friday, I had the pleasure of accompanying Ildephonse Munyarugero, the Fossey Fund's Ecosystem Health and Community Development Program manager, to the clinic. We toured the new facility and I watched as Ildephonse proudly walked from room to room, testing the mattresses, admiring the new furniture and equipment and generally beaming at the fruits of his labor. The program manager has spent many months planning and orchestrating this clinic addition.

For more information about the recent work at Bisate Clinic: click here.

Jesssica Burbridge, Fossey Fund Field Communications Officer