New Fossey Fund gorilla “adoptions” ready

July 31, 2015

New Fossey Fund gorilla "adoptions" ready

Each year the Fossey Fund offers a variety of individual gorillas for "adoption," which raises money that directly supports their daily protection by our staff of trackers, anti-poachers, scientists and others. These are gorillas that our staff monitor every day and know very well. That means that for each adoption, we can provide a detailed profile on the gorilla's life, behaviors and history.

This year, we are now also including quarterly updates for each adopted gorilla, so that you can learn more about what's going on with "your" gorilla throughout the year.

Infant gorillaOn our Adoption pages, you can choose an infant gorilla, a mother-and-infant pair, a silverback, or even a whole group of gorillas! Adopts include a profile on your gorilla, a personalized certificate with the gorilla's photo, our Gorilla Journal newsletter, and access to the quarterly updates on your gorilla. Some levels include additional benefits too.

For more information, go to gorillafund.org/adoption_packages