Urugamba’s Survivors and Ntambara’s Group Interact

January 28, 2013

Urugamba’s Survivors and Ntambara’s Group Interact

Urugamba's group and Ntambara's group interactingGorilla Program Manager Veronica Vecellio and Research Assistant Samedi Mucyo accompanied Urugamba’s tracker team in the forest on Jan. 28 to assess how the six surviving members of the group were coping since the death of their dominant silverback, Urugamba, on the evening of Jan. 24.

Although we have been expecting the group to eventually merge with another group, perhaps Ugenda’s, or to encounter a lone silverback who might take over leadership, the team was completely surprised today when, in tracking Urugamba’s group, they encountered Ntambara’s group. A volatile interaction ensued between Ntambara’s group and Urugamba’s group that lasted at least four hours.
For details, see the news story here.

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