Our Work in Congo: Grauer’s Gorillas in Two Areas

img_3595The Fossey Fund’s efforts to help protect gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been ongoing since 2001. Congo is home to both mountain gorillas (in Virunga National Park, which adjoins Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park) and to the lesser-known Grauer’s gorillas farther to the west. The Fossey Fund has worked with Congo’s park and wildlife authorities (ICCN) as well as local communities there over the years to address poaching, conserve critical habitat, set up education programs, and help with the rehabilitation of rescued gorillas.

2016-05-27_05-40-40-1Currently, we work in two areas in Congo where critically endangered Grauer’s gorillas are located: in Kahuzi-Biega National Park and in the core of Grauer’s range in the Walikale territory. Kahuzi-Biega park contains the only habituated Grauer’s gorillas, which are monitored and protected by the Congolese wildlife authorities (ICCN). In the Walikale territory, we monitor and protect groups of Grauer’s gorillas that live outside protected areas in remote forests that are threatened by mining, hunting and other illegal activities.

Unfortunately, Congo has suffered from decades of civil war and insecurity, resulting in extreme poverty and dire conditions in many areas, including where we work.

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