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25 Facts

To celebrate our 25th episode of ‘5 Things Friday’ we are bringing you 25 facts!

 1. Karisoke Research Center has been around for over 50 years and is the longest running gorilla research site in the world!

 2. Gorillas have opposable digits on both their hands and feet!

3. Gorilla noseprints are unique, just like human fingerprints!

4. The Fossey Fund not only protects gorillas, but has many education programs for the communities surrounding gorilla habitats!

5.  Adult males can be about 6 feet tall when standing on two legs

6. The best way to help the Fossey Fund is through donation or symbolic adoption!

7. Humans and gorillas have similar respiratory systems so it is possible to pass illnesses, like the flu or common cold, between us

8. The average life expectancy for gorillas is in the mid 30s, however, the oldest recorded gorilla was 63 years old when she passed away!

9. Male gorillas can weigh up to 450 pounds!

10. Gorillas are completely vegetarian! 

11. Most gorilla social structures consist of one dominant adult male, multiple females and their young. However, 40% of mountain gorilla groups have multiple males!

12. Young gorillas will often leave their family group around the age of 10

13. Bamboo and tree bark are some of wild gorillas’ favorite snacks!

14. Gorilla hair might look soft, but it’s actually a lot more coarse than human hair

15. Mountain gorilla teeth and tongues are stained black due to the tannins in their diet!

16. Gorillas and humans share about 98% of DNA

17. Gorillas weigh about 4 pounds at birth

18. Every year, Fossey Fund trackers are in the field for about 110,000 hours!

19. Silverbacks and blackbacks that can’t find a female group to live with form all-male groups called “bachelor” groups 

20. The Fossey Fund protects gorillas species in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo

21. The Fossey Fund has helped to more than double the mountain gorilla population – today there are just over 1,000 individuals!

22. Males will grow silver hair on their backs around age 13, after which they’re considered “silverbacks”

23. Gorillas only travel about 1 mile per day

24. Chest beating can be playful or a sign of aggressive behavior

25. You can visit our website for fun pictures, videos, learning materials, and activities!