Do We Have a New Group? Gushimira-Ugenda Interaction Continues

February 22, 2013

Do We Have a New Group? Gushimira-Ugenda Interaction Continues

Ugenda injuredThe interaction between the lone silverback Gushimira and Ugenda’s group was still going on today.

When the trackers arrived at the group they saw Gushimira already displaying at Ugenda. They were in the same place as yesterday. Probably they all spent the night together, even if we can’t confirm that because the nests were not found.

The interaction went on until 11:14 a.m., when Gushimira succeeded, again, in taking the three females. They moved away, stopping at 100 meters from Ugenda to rest.

Ugenda and silverback Wageni remained with the infant and juveniles. Both silverbacks have fresh new wounds in addition to the ones from yesterday.

Everybody in the two groups was visibly exhausted. When the trackers left, they were all sleeping. The distance between the two groups was less than 100 meters.

So, it seems that we have indeed a new group, Gushimira’s.

More tomorrow. We will see if Ugenda can gain enough energy to try again to get the females back.
Veronica Vecellio

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