Fossey Fund Trackers Find Most Gorilla Groups

December 5, 2012

Fossey Fund Trackers Find Most Gorilla Groups

After resuming daily monitoring yesterday, following a two-day interruption due to the attack on our anti-poaching camp, the Fossey Fund’s gorilla group trackers have begun to find most of the groups that we regularly follow. The tracking has been difficult due to heavy rains.

Four groups were located today: Ugenda, Isabukuru, Titus and Bwenge groups were as seen, as well as fresh trails from Pablo, Urugamba and Ntambara groups. Kuryama group is the only regular group whose trace could not be updated from where our trackers last saw it on Saturday. Tomorrow we will assign extra staff to locate this group.

Today, four trackers from the Rwanda park management (RDB) supported our teams and the same is planned for tomorrow, with a special focus on locating Kuyrama’s group.

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