Future of Gushimira’s Group Still Uncertain

March 12, 2013

Future of Gushimira’s Group Still Uncertain

Inziza and her juvenile daughter Igitangaza Silverback Gushimira recently formed a new group by attracting three females from Ugenda’s group, but the situation of his group still seems unstable. This morning, in fact, female Inziza was found back in Ugenda’s group, and the nest count suggested that she may have rejoined them yesterday.

Dominant Ugenda displayed a few times to Inziza, but her juvenile daughter Igitangaza was visibly happy to be with her mother again. The two females rested in physical contact and Inziza groomed Igitangaza for a long time.

Today and yesterday we were not able to locate Gushimira’s group, so we don’t know the distance between the groups. Gushimira and his three females were seen for the last time on Sunday, when they appeared to be a calm and well-established group. At that time, they were 1 km from Ugenda’s group.
We will keep looking for Gushimira, as we are eager to know if he will be able to keep his group together or if he will become a solitary male once again.

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