Group members beginning to reassemble

April 9, 2015

Group members beginning to reassemble

Following the death of leading silverback Ugenda on Tuesday night, Fossey Fund trackers report today that many of the remaining group members have reunited, for the time being at least. An adult female named Inziza appeared to guide five Ugenda members (consisting of females and youngsters) toward the site of the interaction, where Ugenda died from his wounds and where his body remains. Already nearby were three other group members. No wounds were visible on any of them, but they came very close to an active snare while en route.

Ugenda groupMissing from action is silverback Wageni, who would theoretically be in position to take over group leadership. It is possible he will find the group soon, though if he does not, they will probably encounter one of the lone silverbacks in the area, or perhaps one of the other groups that range there. Also missing is subadult Ntaribi.

Due to all the gorillas being near Ugenda's body, the decision was made by all to postpone recovery of the body for now, to avoid interference and perhaps allow for calm arrival of the missing members.