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Inshuti: Good and Bad News

May 20, 2013

Inshuti: Good and Bad News

InshutiGood and bad news from the field today. The good news: We found Inshuti, after many months. The bad news is that 
he is severely injured.

Inshuti’s group is still composed of just two gorillas: the silverback and 
female Shangaza. On Saturday they joined the other gorillas in the bamboo zone, where all the groups are now ranging to search for bamboo shoots. 

Inshuti met up with Titus’s group and the encounter was really intense and severe, 
as all interactions with Inshuti have been in the past. The four silverbacks of Titus’s group attacked, biting and hitting Inshuti and causing bad injuries all over his body.
 He left the site with female Shangaza, limping and bleeding.

Trackers found the group again yesterday. Inshuti, suffering from his 
multiple wounds, was weak and not moving. Lots of blood was found on 
the trail and nest.

This morning our research assistant and a Gorilla Doctors veterinarian went to see Inshuti. He looked better; despite a swollen face, he was moving and 
eating. We are waiting for a full report and pictures.

 We don’t have enough staff to follow Inshuti regularly but we will do so for the next 
few days to monitor his recovery, with help from the anti-poaching patrol and the Rwanda Development Board (park authority). After that, we will decide what to do over the long term.