Meet Maurice: Conservation Education Coordinator

The Fossey Fund has an extensive education program in Rwanda where we work, reaching children and adults at all levels. We also provide support to all of our local staff who want to pursue their own higher education goals, from undergraduate to doctoral degrees.

Maurice Ngiramahoro, our conservation education coordinator, is just about to complete his master’s degree in environmental studies. His research focuses on how local communities interact with the park where the gorillas live, as he looks for ways to help reduce pressures on the forest.

“My master’s program has inspired me to think more and more about solutions to livelihood problems in local communities,” he says. “This will help us preserve the biodiversity of the park and also help people.”

Maurice already does this every day, as he coordinates conservation education courses for 15 primary schools around the park, leads annual teacher training sessions, organizes workshops for local leaders, oversees student nature clubs, and constantly comes up with new ways to connect youth, communities and local leaders to conservation.

Congratulations Maurice!

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