Orphan gorilla rescued by Fossey Fund and Wildlife Authorities thrives

January 26, 2011

Rescued by Fossey Fund and Wildlife Authorities, orphan gorillas growing, thriving and becoming destructive!

The internet is our main resource in terms of communicating with field staff and sending interesting and sometimes challenging stories about the young orphan gorillas in our care. Overnight I received great photos of the six gorillas in temporary quarters in Kinigi, Rwanda, and the youngest of all an infant called Kyasa who is in Goma, DRC

Kyasa, approximately 6-8 months old, will soon be going to the Gorilla Rehabilitation annd Conservation Education center (GRACE) in Kasugho, close to the forest reserve of Tayna. Pictures of this very cute infant are on our website and so is information about GRACE. The other six gorillas are becoming stronger, more rambunctious and like young human primates more destructive. They have been picking away at the cement between the bricks in their indoor holding area, allowing them to punch fairly sizable holes in the walls! Luckily their outdoor area has climbing frames and more space but the sooner we can get them to GRACE, the less the facility will look like a sieve ( maybe a slight exaggeration here).

Staff at GRACE, a collaboration between Fossey Fund, Disney and US Fish &,Wildlife Service and our Congolese partners, can't wait to have these gorillas join the four already there. Our new manager, Luitzen, from Holland, will have fun keeping all of them occupied and safe.

More later,