Our Amazon Wish List: Supplies for our field team

December 21, 2015

Our Amazon Wish List: Supplies for our field team

Here at the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, we do our best to supply our gorilla trackers, researchers and everyone else on the field team with the equipment they need to do their jobs protecting, tracking and studying gorillas. But equipment can wear out quickly in the field and there are some extra items that may be in short supply or simply beyond our budget.

Trackers in the forests of RwandaTracking gorillas that range far away is a lot easier when one has good supplies, such as good tents, warm sleeping bags, and headlamps. Our trackers can also use rugged watches, binoculars, cameras and cases, and simple "luxuries" like water bottles, cold-weather gloves (it's cold in the Virunga mountains), and more. For our Congo trackers, we'd love to have two extra laptop computers for them, since four of our field team leaders there have never used a computer before. We'd like to be able to teach them how to do basic analyses of the information they collect in the forest, to write reports and to learn about emailing and web browsing.

All of these and more are shown on our Amazon Wish List — even a few extra mousepads, hats and flash drives — there's something for every budget.

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Thank you, from everyone at the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund!