Snare Removal Total At 195 in January So Far

January 25, 2012

Snare Removal Total At 195 in January So Far

Yesterday our anti-poaching team made a routine patrol on Mount Karisimbi’s eastern slope (not far from the old Karisoke camp) and they found 26 snares. Today, anti-poaching team leader David Sindayigaya organized a "shock" patrol in the same area with the Rwandan Development Board (RDB) and they found 38 more snares. Tomorrow we are going to do the same patrol in the surrounding area.

Unfortunately, this follows a trend we are seeing at this time of year, with espeically high numbers of snares being found. Snares are generally set for other animals in the forest (such as antelope) rather than gorillas, but they are a danger to the gorillas, who may step into them accidentally. Gorillas can break the snares, but if caught within them, can have dangerous ropes wrapped tightly around a leg or arm.

See news story on anti-poaching here.

Also, Pablo’s gorilla group has now moved very far again. They are now close to the Ibuzimu Ravine up in the highland of Kimbagira (which is extremely hard to reach, basically inaccessible). Trackers could see the gorillas in the distance but they could not get any closer. Tomorrow they will try again, hoping that the gorillas will not cross the ravine.