Trackers witness interesting gorilla group interaction

June 16, 2015

Trackers witness interesting gorilla group interaction

Fossey Fund gorilla trackers witnessed an interaction between two large groups of mountain gorillas today. One of the groups (called Ntambara group) is followed every day by the Fossey Fund. The other group (called Amahoro group) is followed by the Rwanda park authorities, for visitation by tourist groups.

Interaction of two gorilla groupsFossey Fund Gorilla Program Data Officer Theodette Gatesire watched the interaction and reported that the excitement began when a blackback from Amahoro group reached Ntamabara group, which was ranging about 200 meters away. This provoked a reaction in Ntamabara group, and soon three silverbacks from Amahoro group arrived at the site.

At first, the gorillas from each group just watched each other, wtih the silverbacks in "strut" stance. But soon, one of the silverback's from Amahoro group grabbed a gorilla from Ntambara group, leading to a lot of screaming and displays. Luckily, however, no real fighting occurred and no females attempted to transfer between the groups. Eventually, Ntambara's group moved further up hill, to try and get away from the interaction site.