Two Silverbacks and a Blackback Missing from Pablo’s Group

August 17, 2011

Two Silverbacks and a Blackback Missing from Pablo's Group

GushimiraToday is the second day that two silverbacks, Gushimira and Twihangane, and the blackback Irakoze, all from Pablo's group, have not been found.

Their absence from sight yesterday was temporarily attributed to the dense vegetation, as the group's nest site was complete, showing that all the gorillas in the group had slept together.

Today we began to wonder if the three may have left the group for a reason. Pablo's group travelled for a long distance yesterday and today, behavior which is normally related to avoiding an encounter with a lone silverback, as no other gorilla groups were nearby.

TwihanganeToday the tracker team dedicated most of the morning to looking for any trace of the dispersed gorillas, but with no success. Tomorrow again they will pay special attention to Pablo's group, hoping to find that the three missing males had returned.