Update on Gushimira’s and Ugenda’s Groups

March 20, 2013

Update on Gushimira’s and Ugenda’s Groups

We have observed some changes in Gushimira’s newly formed group. Although field staff did not find the group on Mar. 11-13, its trails showed that it crossed somehow with the trails for Ugenda’s group around Mar. 11 and 12.

On Mar. 12, female Inziza was seen back in Ugenda’s group. Even her nest was together with the others. Dominant silverback Ugenda displayed at her a few times, but she is fine. Her juvenile daughter, Igitangaza, soon rejoined her. Ugenda’s group moved uphill and reached the top of Mt. Visoke.

Gushimira and the remaining two females were found on Mar. 14. They are fine, but Gushimira
was displaying often.

Also, Gorilla Doctors reports that Ugenda’s and second-in-command silverback Wageni’s wounds, incurred when they initially lost the females to Gushimira, are healing nicely.