Update on Injured Infant Igitangaza

September 28, 2011

Update on Injured Infant Igitangaza

Today I visited Ugenda's group to see how infant Igitangaza is recovering after the injuries caused by an unidentified lone silverback 10 days ago who intruded into Bwenge's group (see Sept. 20 post). As the 3-and-1/2-year-old tried to follow her mother Inziza, she was bitten by the silverback, resulting in the loss of one finger and other wounds on her right hand.

Ingitangaza licking her injured handShe is definitely getting better, climbing trees and eating abundantly. She avoids using the injured hand but she keeps up with the group's speed without a problem. She is always with her mother, following her and whimpering if Inziza gets too far ahead.

The wounds are still open but not infected, as Igitangaza appropriately cleans them.