Young male Ntaribi rejoins group

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January 6, 2015

Young male Ntaribi rejoins group

A young male gorilla who had been traveling alone since early November was seen back in a group this morning. Fossey Fund trackers were relieved to see 7-year-old Ntaribi in Ugenda’s group, because he is too young to be traveling alone, but had been doing so since his original group lost its leader (silverback Bwenge) and then eventually merged with another group (Ugenda’s). (See blog post of Dec. 22 for details).

Young male NtaribiThe Fossey Fund designated a special team of trackers just to follow Ntaribi while he was alone, though they were not able to locate him every day. Today, in Ugenda’s group, he seemed to be doing fine and no aggressive behaviors toward him were seen. He played with young male Ubushake and was even groomed by silverback Ugenda.