Education Programs Help Gorillas and People

Education is an important part of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International’s mission, including support for both formal and community education.

Preparing materials for community education

We believe education is key to empowering people who live near the gorillas in Africa to become stewards of their shared ecosystem. Our education programs in Rwanda build awareness in local communities of conservation, health and other important issues; increase the strength and capacity of local educational institutions; and provide further training for those already working in conservation.

Supporting formal education and training

We are committed to helping strengthen programs for conservation and biological sciences in the higher education sectors (national education and research institutions) of the communities in which we work. We also provide educational training for those who already work in conservation, such as national park staff in Rwanda. In addition, we support primary and secondary schools in local communities and provide them with conservation education.

Community education

Our community education efforts take many forms. In our Ecosystem Health program, we work to provide hygiene and health education in local villages, as well for local health staff. We also have conservation education programs for communities, where we offer information about our work, about the gorillas, and about related conservation issues.

Some of our education programs:

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