Traveler Story: Harriett Damesek

Harriet Damesek of Ormond Beach, Florida recently spent two days trekking to visit the mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and had the privilege of seeing two separate gorilla groups on her visit. The first day was spent hiking through potato fields to the forest at 8000 feet where they saw the Agashya group of 11 gorillas – including one silverback and two infants who were recently named in the Kwita Izina naming ceremony.

harrietimagesThe second day of hiking proved much more difficult, as the Kwitonda group of gorillas was resting at an elevation of over 6,000 feet. Although lower than the elevation of the first day, this climb was a bit steeper. This group has 22 gorillas, including two silverbacks and four infants who were also named at the latest Kwita Izina ceremony.

Harriet would like to thank Gerard “Ged” Caddick of Terra Incognita Ecotours (www.ecotours.com) for organizing the tour and says that visiting the mountain gorillas “is an experience like no other. The gorillas are peaceful, beautiful and thrilling. Seeing them is worth the trek.”