Traveler Story: John F. Rubin

This past June I traveled for my second time to see the mountain gorillas in Rwanda. I was part of a group of seven photographers who were fortunate enough to have this experience.

This time we were lucky enough to see many infants in the families we saw. We did three treks on three separate days. Our first two groups were Hirwa and Kwitonda who had plenty of infants for us to enjoy and photograph. Of course with seven photographers and only an hour to be there, it was almost like Gorilla Photography (in a fun way).


The highlight was the last trek with the most anticipated group—Sabinyo—which I had seen 2 years ago but others in the group had not. Despite a much more challenging hike than expected, and several hours of being carried by our porters through knee high mud, we were rewarded with the best. We were able to spend an hour with the family that let us into their lives. They were playful and active.

At the end of the trek I spent the afternoon visiting the Karisoke Center. What a wonderful and dedicated group of people whose mission is to save these great animals. Veronica and her staff are working hard and always creating new ideas and projects for the community.

Once again, thanks for all of your hard work. Can’t wait to see you again in Rwanda.